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For Urgent DCI Enquiries:

If you think you have DCI please call MDC immediately on 07940 353 816.

Please note, that due to the nature and unpredictability of nitrogen bubbles in the body tissues, contact should be made as soon as possible.

If you delay, your condition can worsen.

Do not assume that because your dive was shallow or that you followed the dive profile exactly that you cannot have DCI. Symptoms requiring treatment have occurred from as little as 6.5 metres.


Workings Hours: 01788 579 555

Emergency Mobile: 07940 353 816


For all non-urgent medical enquiries, you can complete the contact form below to have your questions emailed to MDC.


The Midlands Diving Chamber offers a video consultation service free to anyone who suspects they may have decompression illness. All the patient needs to do is ring the emergency number to book a consultation with the doctor.

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